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The Message From Great Minds...

Over the centuries, what the wisest of people have repeatedly observed is this – “Success is an inside job.” Before you can achieve great things in the outside world, you must work on what’s going on inside.

Sir Edmund Hillary, the first man to reach the peak of Mt. Everest, did so at a time when there was not the high-tech equipment that is accessible to our present-day climbers. The determination and self-discipline to achieve his goal was beyond time and space. It belonged to him.

What Can We Learn From Victory?...

If it is your heart-felt desire to reach the peak of your own Mt. Everest – and this can mean feeling strong, confident, and successful in your life, having a loving relationship, enjoying good health, feeling happy – you must build the ability to achieve what you desire from within.

Where To Start?...

The start of moving forward is to understand your own life – what you are doing that is working well, and what you are doing that is holding you back. Where can you get this information? One powerful way is to revisit your life challenges and to learn from them. For as the great American philosopher George Santayana observed, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

Learning From Your Life...

When adversity strikes, you have a choice – run for cover or face the storm. The adversity may be a breakup of a marriage or a significant relationship, losing a job, encountering health problems, running into financial difficulties. And the choices you have are two-fold.

Choice #1 – Surviving

Moving beyond the challenge and getting back to life as you know it. This way of thinking involves mobilizing accessible resources to overcome the difficulty. But when the challenge is resolved, you try to forget about it as best you can and hope it doesn’t happen again.

Choice #2 – Thriving

Revisiting the challenge to understand how it happened and why it happened to you. On the first level, this means coming to understand the small events that lead to the unhappy outcome. On the next level, this means understanding your own mindset, along with your beliefs and feelings which contributed to the unhappy occurrence.

Getting The Information You Need...

Understanding life’s mysteries can often be a daunting task, but now you have the ability to fast-track your knowledge base with an information-packed resource entitled, Emotional Rescue. What Emotional Rescue offers you is powerful insight into the source issues underlying your current challenges, and what you can do, on a practical level, to create the foundation for lasting well-being, success, and happiness. In addition, Emotional Rescue includes essential information on personality style, why careers get stuck, the nature of romantic attraction, and how stress can affect health.

Taking Your Life To The Next Level...

You have the power to create amazing changes in your life. This power begins with mobilizing your own inner resources so that you are fully able to reach the peak of your own Mt. Everest. Emotional Rescue will provide the guidance you need.

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