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Within you lies the ability to create full abundance in all aspects of your life. When your life is not filled with joy, happiness, and inner peace, it means that beyond your conscious awareness, you are holding painful memories and experiences from your childhood and adult life which still bother you.

THE GUIDE TO INNER POWER is designed to empower you to identify and resolve the source issues holding you back from creating fulfillment in all aspects of your life. Combining two amazingly powerful techniques: EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique and The Healing Dialogue Process, THE GUIDE TO INNER POWER teaches you how to heal, release, and clear the source issues preventing the creation of inner peace and happiness.

THE GUIDE TO INNER POWER focuses on resolving barriers to loving relationships, vibrant health, financial abundance, and career success. In the workshop, you will learn life-transforming tools which you can immediately apply to all aspects of your life for lasting results.

THE GUIDE TO INNER POWER WORKSHOP is customized to address your specific life challenges. It takes place in a small group under the guidance of Andrea J. Moses, M.S.W. As part of the workshop, you will receive the 80 page manual, The Guide To Inner Power – Dialoguing and EFT: Emotional Freedom Technique For An Abundant Life, along with the book Emotional Rescue – Healing Your Emotional Pain & Creating Inner Peace by Andrea J. Moses.

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