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Forgiveness Workshops In Toronto

tulipTHE GUIDE TO FORGIVENESS WORKSHOP is designed to enable you to identify and resolve the source issues interfering with your being able to forgive yourself and the people who have hurt you.

Utilizing a process called The Healing Dialogue, you are provided with a tool which will empower you to heal the pain and be freed up to forgive. In the process, you will transform your life as you come to recognize how worthy you are of enjoying happiness and inner peace.

Forgiveness – A Gift To Yourself

Forgiveness is a positive action you do for yourself – to free yourself from carrying the pain of past experiences which continue to trouble you.

You might tend to think of forgiveness related to forgiving a person who has wronged you, harmed you, or betrayed your trust. Forgiveness of others is important, but before this can happen, you must forgive yourself as well.

True forgiveness is most often a process rather than a one-time event. If you are troubled by negative experiences which have happened to you, you have very good reasons to feel the way you do. You must resolve the source reasons before you are free to let go the bonds which keep you stuck in the past.

THE GUIDE TO FORGIVENESS WORKSHOP is customized to address your specific life challenges. It takes place in a small group under the guidance of Andrea J. Moses, M.S.W. As part of the workshop, you will receive the 80 page manual, The Guide To Forgiveness, along with Emotional Rescue Healing Your Emotional Pain & Creating Inner Peace by Andrea J. Moses.

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