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By Andrea J. Moses, M.S.W.
252 Pages / ISBN: 9 – 780 – 9694227 – 5 – 4 - $24.95

You can achieve your dreams, bring love into your life, and become truly confident in all aspects of your life. You no longer have to stand on the sidelines – you can be The Star, shining your light for all the world to see. In TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE NOW, you will discover:

  • The Source Reasons Why Your Life Is Not Moving Forward
  • The Unresolved Emotions Keeping You Stuck In The Past
  • How To Break Old Patterns
  • The Importance of Forgiving Yourself
  • How To Take Back Your Power

TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE NOW provides the practical guidance to make profound life changes. It will guide you to look within to change the blueprint of your life at the source. Learning through the stories of people just like you, you will expand your awareness of yourself and what you need to do to open up your life. Success, happiness, and well-being all can happen for you as you use the information that TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE NOW provides.

emotional rescueEmotional Rescue
Healing Your Emotional Pain & Creating Inner Peace
By Andrea J. Moses, M.S.W.
292 Pages / ISBN: 0-9694227-4-1 / $24.50

You have the ability to make your dreams come true! The starting point is for you to identify your heart-felt desires and be willing to learn how to create your desired happiness. Emotional Rescue will show you the way. In Emotional Rescue you will learn:

  • The Source of Your Barriers To Happiness
  • How Your Outer Reality Reflects Your Inner Truth
  • Your Personality Style & How It Shapes Your Life
  • Emotional Processing For Transformational Healing
  • The Steps To Creating Inner Peace

Emotional Rescue offers a blueprint for creating deep-level change. It provides eye-opening information concerning the source of life challenges and the steps you can take to transform your life. As an ongoing resource to deal with life's challenges, Emotional Rescue will serve you well.

Big time changeBig-Time Change
Become The Creative Force In Your Life By Listening
To Your Inner Wisdom

By Andrea J. Moses, M.S.W.
258 Pages / ISBN: O-9694227-3-3 / $16.50

Big-Time Change reveals the power of harnessing your inner wisdom so that you can transform your life from struggle to abundance. Big-Time Change guides you through the journey of accessing your own inner wisdom and discovering:

  • The Mysteries Behind Romance
  • Why There Are No Coincidences
  • How To Create Love From Within
  • The Process of Big-Time Change
  • The Path of Spiritual Forgiveness

The knowledge found in Big-Time Change is invaluable in helping you move forward in your life. As a companion personal growth book to Emotional Rescue, you will learn hands-on strategies for creating lasting change.

Creating Happiness By Breaking Free From Your Past
By A.J. Moses, M.S.W.

Choices is the first in the series of the BOOKS THAT TRANSFORM series. It provides a powerful package of information concerning the origin of emotional challenges and how to move forward from struggle into happiness. Choices explains the importance of self-awareness in recognizing your unresolved emotional issues underlying relationship, career, and health-related challenges. Specifically, Choices teaches you about:

  • Your Emotional Operating System
  • Your Emotional Operating Style
  • The Law of Attraction
  • Releasing Your Emotional Pain
  • Operating From A Love Base

Choices is currently out of print but, happily, its life-changing information has been incorporated into Emotional Rescue. Emotional Rescue provides the practical real-world guidance needed to resolve the buried emotional issues that can lead to relationship, health, and career challenges. Emotional Rescue will provide you with dramatic insight into what you need to focus on to achieve all that you desire.

Street smart sellingStreet Smart Selling
The Ultimate Guide To Masterful Persuasion
By Andrea J. Moses, M.S.W.
184 Pages / ISBN 0-9694227-0-9 / $12.50

Whether you sell products/services for a living or you want to advance your career, your value will be lost if you aren't able to sell your ideas successfully. Knowing how to lead people through the buying process is an essential skill that you can develop. Street Smart Selling will guide you through the selling process and teach you how to:

  • Plan out your selling strategy
  • Build cooperation with win/win solutions
  • Avoid being psyched out by objections
  • Sell value / Negotiate commitments
  • Go the extra mile

Street Smart Selling reads as a step-by-step guide through the selling process. From selling an initial appointment to closing the sale, this book is a wonderful resource you can constantly use to keep your sales moving forward.

Inside PowerInside Power
The Journey To Selling Mastery
By Andrea J. Moses, M.S.W.
107 Pages / ISBN 0-9694227-1-7 / $10.50

Wealth and the ability to control his own prosperity were always unrealized dreams for Andy. As with so many of us, Andy had been struggling for years to improve his life, with limited results, until he met Marc Eller, a Selling Master. Through a series of enlightening conversations, Andy learns the magic of accessing his own power and changing his life forever.

Inside Power reads as an endearing story as well as a practical guidebook to mastering the Art of Selling. The lessons Andy learns about the way the experts sell can be applied both to sales and to career advancement. Upbeat and inspirational!

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